Golden Harvest® Corn       Golden Harvest Corn


Golden Harvest® is the most innovative corn seed in the marketplace. Period.

By combining breakout genetics and breakthrough traits, such as the Agrisure® product line, Syngenta has achieved the fastest overall rate of genetic gain in portfolio over the past six years. As a result, Golden Harvest corn hybrids yield as good as, or better, than competitors. Our new lineup of 2014 Golden Harvest hybrids are expected to deliver an average of 10 bushels per acre more than the current Syngenta portfolio and offer proven performance across multiple environmental conditions.    More info…


                                    NK Soybeans       NK® Soybeans


 Start the season strong. Choose NK® Soybeans.

Bring the most advanced soybean technology to your field with NK® soybeans. A leader in soybean plant breeding for more than 40 years, Syngenta develops NK soybeans from one of the industry’s largest and most advanced germplasm pools. As a result, each variety is tailored to meet your growing environment, resulting in higher yield potential. NK soybeans are comprised of elite genetics and industry-leading traits, and our top-line varieties feature built-in resistance to damaging pests, such as the soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome. At Syngenta, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation, continuously investing in seed genetics and innovative trait technology to deliver the quality, high-yielding seed that you have come to expect. Additionally, Syngenta offers complete product solutions so you can break the yield ceiling and grow more soybeans.     More info…


                            Enogen® Corn         Enogen Corn


Enogen technology provides an opportunity for increased profitability

for both growers and ethanol producers.

The first genetically modified output trait in corn bio-engineered specifically to enhance the productivity and efficiency of dry grind ethanol production. Enogen corn growers collaborate with Syngenta and their local ethanol plant to deliver a more efficient and sustainable way to produce ethanol from corn. Growers access Enogen technology through a technology license with Syngenta and a corn production contract with an ethanol plant. Enogen corn growers are paid premiums for each bushel of grain delivered to the ethanol plant, which helps add substantial value and revenue potential per acre.     More info…


                    NEXGROW™ Alfalfa         Nexgrow

NEXGROW is equipped to deliver the traits and technology you need –

now and in the future.

The NEXGROW® brand offers alfalfa seed varieties that are leaders in critical industry traits, bringing growers like you the top yield potential, high forage quality and the exceptional persistence you demand. Beyond the reliable conventional varieties, such as award-winning alfalfa variety 6422Q, NEXGROW provides industry-leading technology to help protect your field from pests and diseases.      More info…


                           Hitch Doc TRAVIS SEED CART

Customers claim the Travis Seed Cart is “built like a tank” with heavy duty construction and durability that outlasts competitive units. Sturdy rubber torsion axles, 8 bolt hubs, reliable Honda engines, electric brakes, self contained hydraulic system provides lasting and dependable performance .       More info…

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