Enogen Corn Can Add an Extra 40 Cents per Bushel to Your Bottom Line

New Value in Energy: Available only from Syngenta, Enogen® technology is the first output trait designed specifically for corn ethanol production. Enogen corn delivers the alpha amylase enzyme needed for dry grind ethanol production in the corn kernel, leading to enhanced efficiency and potential profitability for the ethanol plant. Produced in a closed-loop system under contract with an ethanol plant, Enogen corn offers growers the opportunity to produce a crop that adds value to their operation, their local community, the agricultural industry and rural America.



  Benefits of growing Enogen traited corn hybrids include:


    • No loss in yield as revealed in numerous Syngenta trials
    • Use of existing cultural farming practices for nutrient, insect, weed and disease management
    • Access to hybrids in elite germplasm and with preferred Syngenta insect and herbicide resistant traits
    • Contribute to an industry that adds economic value to your local community and rural America
    • Play a critical role in helping America gain energy independence
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