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Choosing the right hybrid for each field is one of the most fundamental and important decisions a grower can make. To aid the decision process, we commit to providing growers with the best hybrids developed through new combinations and more marker technology from one of the most diverse and broad genetic pools in the industry.


· G07F23

Broadly Adapted Hybrid with Consistent Performance Across Yield Environments

• Moderate plant stature with very good root strength
• Excellent stalk strength for late-season standability
• Consistent ear with very good grain quality

· G07V88

Elite Genetics with Solid Agronomics for Superior Yield Performance

• Broad adaptability with very good drought tolerance
• Good late-season plant intactness
• Ear flex makes this hybrid a good choice for all management practices

· G07B39

Excellent Drought Tolerance Powered By Agrisure Artesian® Technology

• Top-end yield potential makes this a great choice for highly managed acres
• Strong emergence and seedling vigor allows for early planting
• Responds well to fungicide applications

· G12J11

Top Yield with Agrisure Artesian Technology for Central and Eastern Corn Belt

• Maximizes yield when it rains; increases yield when it doesn’t
• Strong emergence and seedling vigor for early planting
• Solid leaf disease package

· G13S06

Powerful Disease Protection with Top Yields

• Flex ear hybrid that performs across multiple environments
• Good continuous corn choice with excellent emergence and seedling growth
• Good stalk strength and staygreen contribute to good late-season plant integrity

· G11U58

Widely Adapted With Consistent Performance Over Many Environments

• Exceptional standability provides flexible harvest schedule
• Superb drought tolerance and ear flex support high yields
• Yields well in Gray Leaf Spot environments, despite below average disease tolerance rating

· G14H66

Broadly Adapted Agrisure Artesian® Technology Hybrid With Outstanding Yield Potential

• Strong root and stalk strength promotes late season standability
• Solid leaf disease package enhances broad adaptability
• Attractive plant type that fits most management systems

· G14R38

Strong Yield Performance In An Excellent Agronomic Package

• Strong emergence and seedling vigor
• Very good root and stalk strength
• Excellent choice for continuous corn acres

· G15P07

Broadly Adapted Hybrid With Outstanding Yield Potential And Staygreen

• Very good late-season standability
• Excellent Gray Leaf Spot tolerance
• Well adapted to drought-prone soils

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