Starting the season strong sets the foundation for a successful crop. Selecting top-notch seed varieties and high-performance seed treatments maximizes plant establishment and protects the yield potential of seeds against early-season nematode, insect and disease threats.

Helping growers achieve maximum yield: Combining elite soybean genetics, ground-breaking technologies and industry-leading traits, NK® brand soybeans are the first step to help farmers break through the yield barrier.




Excellent Yield Stability

• Rps1c gene with very good Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance
• Strong standability for ease of harvest
• Above average Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance


Top-End Yields With Excellent Defense

• Soybean Cyst Nematode resistant
• Very strong Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance
• Rps1c Phytophthora Root Rot gene with above average field tolerance


Excellent Yield with Rugged Plant Type

• Very strong Sudden Death Syndrome resistance
• Very strong emergence for no-till acres
• Soybean Cyst Nematode protection with superb Brown Stem Rot resistance


Robust Stress Tolerance Delivers Top-end Yields

• Rps1k gene with above average Phytophthora Root Rot field tolerance
• Excellent Brown Stem Rot and strong Sudden Death Syndrome resistance
• Attractive harvest appearance with very strong shatter resistance


High-yielding with Outstanding Stress Tolerance

• Widely adapted product for ease of placement
• Strong Iron Deficiency Chlorosis and Sudden Death Syndrome resistances
• Excellent emergence and very good standability

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